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Dana's first military victory. (Robotech: Love & War, Part 5) Dana's parents were intent that she would not have to fight in a war as they had been forced to, and.

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Robotech - Wikipedia Title screen from the 1985 television broadcast. Original work: Robotech (1985) Owner: Harmony Gold USA. Robotech Art 1 (1986) Robotech Art 2 (1987) Robotech Art 3.

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Robotech: Invasion - Wikipedia Robotech: Invasion is a first-person shooter video game set in the Invid Invasion era of the Robotech saga, itself based in the Japanese anime series Genesis Climber.

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The Federation - TV Tropes The Federation trope as used in popular culture. The (mostly) good counterpart to The Empire, generally a democracy and/or presided over by Reasonable …

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DCコミックス - Wikipedia この記事は検証可能な参考文献や出典が全く示されていないか、不十分です。 出典を追加して記事の信頼性向上にご協力.

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